Ewyn Studios Hits 25 Location-Mark


Jun 02, 2017

In just six years, a workout and weight loss business that was started in a garage in an Ontario town has landed its 25th location.

EWYN, or "Exactly What You Need" Studios, was founded by Dean Esser in his Petrolia garage, and it now has locations in five provinces across Canada. Previously, Esser worked as a guard for Sarnia Jail in Ontario, and he was one of the bodybuilders who co-founded the Evolution Workout back in 2011. In 2015, Esser partnered with Dieter Decker, the founder of Herbal Magic, and his business has been rapidly growing since a re-brand and the addition of herbal supplements in his fitness spaces. 

The year-end goal for the company is 50 studios, which Esser says is possible at the current expansion pace. The newest EWYN Studios opened Monday, May 29th in Grand Prairie, Alberta, and more locations are planned. Esser is crediting the stability of the weight loss market as the reason for the explosive growth of his business. He also noted that he now has 35 to 40 members on his corporate team and that his expansion has allowed him to spread his wings and leave the area of Ontario for the first time in his life.