FAST FIRED Announces Massive Growth Plans in 2022


Feb 15, 2022

FAST FIRED by Carbone is not your regular pizza company.  The FAST Fired brand name is derived straight from its key attributes: ‘Fresh, Authentic, Sustainable, and Tailored (FAST).  Coincidentally, this same name represents the way that this industry-leading brand is growing across Canada. FAST!

FAST FIRED by Carbone combines a strong leadership team with innovation and a completely customizable menu to keep customers happy and franchisees poised for success.  Technology is the basis of the forward-thinking team’s ability to constantly adapt to customer trends and incorporate them seamlessly into the product.  Tailor-made pizzas are cooked quickly – in 3 minutes – and the most up-to-date technology is always in the brand’s sights to improve franchisees’ growth and get them off the ground and running right from day 1.

FAST FIRED is now experiencing explosive growth.  Says Carbone Restaurant Group’s VP Franchise Development Doug Warren:

“We’re committed to empowering each of our franchisees and helping build the best business they can.”

Judging by the brand’s growth and success so far, this is just the beginning for FAST FIRED.

Be sure to find out more here so that you can be a part of this inspirational journey with the country’s leading-edge, quick-service pizza brand.  Get in on a slice of the pie!