New Franchisees Found their New Business through


Mar 24, 2014

Franchisees of M&M Meat Shops come through BeTheBoss because it's a great resource for individuals seeking an exciting business opportunity. Some franchisees, like Michael Brown, who is the newest M&M Meat Shops franchisee in London ON, came from other franchise organizations, so they understand the need to follow the structure already in place. They also understand the importance of being consistent in day-to-day operations.

M&M Meat Shops has a unique product line, making it a great fit for new franchisees. They are looking for brand ambassadors with genuine enthusiasm for the company's quality products and services. Franchisees should be highly motivated people committed to M&M Meat Shops collective mission: "To create a friendly food shopping experience that makes our customers say, I"ll be back!

Prospective franchisees should have excellent customer service skills because one-on-one customer service is what built M&M Meat Shops. This opportunity is also local community-minded and involved, so staying active and maintaining a reputable profile in the community are key. This opportunity also requires daily hands-on involvement, so potential franchisees should be willing to work in the store and community for at least 40 hours a week.

M&M Meat Shops has big plans for 2014. Having been franchising for more than 30 years, the company is seeing many franchisees retiring. Their focus is currently on refranchising stores while helping successful replacements to fill the shoes of retirees before leaving the business.

New franchisees like Michael and Katelyn Brown discovered the M&M Meat Shops opportunity through BeTheBoss, one of the many tools they used in narrowing down their preferred franchise. They found the BeTheBoss website easy to navigate and simple to use and discovered many popular brands being represented. That made it easier to compare business opportunities and think about which franchise suited them best.

Many aspiring business owners find that investing in a franchise is the way to go because franchisors already have proven systems in place to support their franchisees. New franchisees walk into a reliable business model built on a solid foundation, but as an independent business owner, you're still in control of developing your own business.

What appealed to the Browns was the fact that the franchisors at M&M Meat Shops provided professional and sincere information in regards to the franchise inquiry. They make potential franchisees feel at ease and welcome any questions they may have, which is the type of professional environment most business owners are looking to join.

M&M Meat Shops has strong coast-to-coast brand recognition, so many new franchisees come to the business opportunity having been a faithful customer of the retailer their entire lives. Combine that with strong community involvement and a proven recipe for profit, and it's no wonder M&M Meat Shops has become such a great success. For this and other opportunities, sources such as BeTheBoss can lead the way.