Go Tire on Dragon's Den


Jan 17, 2013

If you watched "Dragons' Den" on the CBC last Sunday, you got a unique opportunity to find out just how successful a Go Tire franchise can be. That's because Go Tire representatives appeared on the show to make a powerful pitch to the Dragons a pitch that apparently resonated with a lot of viewers.

During the next 12 hours, the Go Tire website fielded more than 130 enquiries from callers who wanted to know more about becoming a Go Tire franchise owner.

According to Craig Howes, CEO and co-founder of Go Tire, Inc., the Dragons' enthusiastic response, coupled with the overwhelming viewer interest, is a sign of great things to come.

"We know we're onto something big but just how big remains to be seen," he said. "Our successful quest for the Den means that our work is just beginning."

Go Tire is a mobile service that can repair, replace, rotate and balance your tires at any remote location. In addition, Go Tire also provides windshield repairs and performs interior detailing services. The specially designed Go Tire van will show up wherever you need it at your office, your home, or wherever you might be stranded.

Go Tire service technicians are trained according to the highest standards of the Tire Industry Association, so motorists can be assured that they'll be receiving the best quality service. In most cases, Go Tire's technicians can change a tire in 90 minutes, at prices that are competitive with those of brick and mortar locations.

By providing a mobile tire store for its customers, Go Tire is filling a much-needed void, according to CEO and co-founder, Heather Murphy.

"Go Tire was created out of a wish to make seasonal tire changes less of a hassle," Murphy said. "In our mobile window covering business, we had to change tires for six vehicles. For each day the vans were off the road, we lost $6,000. Plus, as new parents we had to play musical car seats every time we needed to change our tires."

According to Murphy, this frustration made her ask, "Why can't someone just come to me when I need my tires serviced?" The answer, for Murphy, was to create Go Tire.

Go Tire is seeking franchisees across Canada and has developed a streamlined process to help identify the best prospective franchisee candidates.

"Our process is about finding the right people who will strengthen the Go Tire system and provide a consistent experience for all of its customers, from Vancouver to Halifax and everywhere in between," Howes said. "We want our customers to feel confident that they will always have a great experience when they call Go Tire."