Got Mold? on Dragon’s Den | Franchise Canada


Feb 24, 2014

Got Mold?™ Disaster Recovery Services, Inc., a BeTheBoss Associate Member, is pleased to announce that we have been invited to Dragon's Den.

On Friday, February 7th, exactly one week after auditioning, our founder and President, James C. Watson, received an e-mail from the Associate Producer of Dragon’s Den, Priscilla Sreedharan, advising him of the following:

Congratulations on being selected to pitch to the Dragons! Out of the thousands of people across the country who applied for the show, YOU have been selected to pitch – so well done on being part of an elite group of Canadian entrepreneurs.

Preparations are underway as James and the rest of the team are very excited. In James’ words:

It is difficult to describe what I have been feeling since Friday when I received an email congratulating me on being selected to pitch to the Dragons!

I have a dream and My dream is to eradicate mold from the world.

I have a vision and my vision is to invent the McDonalds of mold operators throughout the world to operate in exact fashion to produce exactly what we dream we will produce.

I have a purpose and my purpose is to make space safe for human beings who no longer will suffer from what sometimes appears to be invisible but is present everywhere you look.

My mission is to build the system to perfection so that the average individual can deliver the results I see with in my minds and hearts eye with impunity every single time.

I am on plan...Would you like to join me?

Filming for the show begins the third week of March. The goal is to attract capital so that the company can more aggressively expand our franchise locations across Canada.

Got Mold?™ Disaster Recovery Services Inc. is a leading solutions provider for the indoor environmental industry. We are experts in mold removal and remediation, fire and flood damage restoration, indoor air quality improvement, and asbestos abatement. We are passionate about helping people live healthier lives and take pride in doing the job right the first time.

Compared to other restoration companies, Got Mold?™ is different because of our marketing approach, an approach that netted us nearly $800,000 in sales our first year. To learn more about the advantages of joining the Got Mold?™ team and how and why our marketing is different and designed to generate leads and sales for you, click here to request more information.