Grade Learning's Tutoring Franchise is Dominating Ontario


Jun 14, 2013

Grade Learning is continuing its growth in Canada with an eye on expansion in the major cities of Ontario. The educational service already exists at over twenty locations but will be adding three more over the course of the year.

Founded by Michael Bateman in 1993, Grade Learning aims to provide support to children and adults by offering a full range of private tutoring services. Grade Learning has board-certified staff members and some locations are registered as private schools, giving them the ability to award credits. The franchise also focuses on flexible scheduling, with evening and weekend hours for adult and child clients.

Currently, Grade Learning has existing locations available for new franchisees in Mississauga and Scarborough, with opportunities for new locations in London and Toronto. Part of Grade Learning's expansion plan centers on the regional market, so new franchisees benefit from some control over the marketing spending and the support from the head office.

Despite the downturn in the global economy, educational spending is on the rise as people will sacrifice and save to help their children. The current opportunities offered by Grade Learning may not remain open for long, so interested potential franchisees should get the balling rolling today to avoid missing out.