In2Sports opens two new locations in Ontario with


May 12, 2014

Franchisee Dan Thomson has just become a member of the In2Sports team thanks to the web portal. According to Thomson, who has long been interested in the prospect of being his own boss, the website made finding the right company for him easy. Thomson cited the wealth of information and easy to use interface of the site as big advantages in his search, which lead him straight to the In2Sports franchise. His love of soccer and the stunning In2Sports store layout sealed the deal.

Thomson isn't the only new franchisee In2Sports received courtesy of PJ Rocca, a new franchisee in Sudbury, Ontario, found the website during a Google search in the initial phase of his franchise selection. Rocca, drawn to franchising because of the expertise level involved, favored's search by industry and investment level features. Eventually, it was In2Sports competitive pricing, enticing store layout and solid support that lead Rocca to choose the franchise.

In2Sports, started in 1998 by two lovers of soccer, is a sports equipment and more super store which is dedicated to elevating the customer's experience. President Fernando Buscemi noted the soccer community backgrounds of both Thomson and Rocca as being in line with the franchise's core goals, as well as their dedication and understanding of the retail business. According to Buscemi, the hallmarks of an In2Sports franchisee are knowledge of retail, dedication and a devotion to the system that has made the company a success.

Buscemi noted that the quality of candidates from the website has been very high, such as recent team additions, Thomson and Rocca. The candidates from the site are ready to be a part of the soccer retail business, in Buscemi's experience.

In2Sports is looking to expand across Ontario and beyond this coming year, with opportunities hot in Alberta, Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie, Kitchener and Oakville.

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