Sidestep Coaching Franchise Welcomes Jennine Huffman


Sep 04, 2013

Jennine Huffman Sidestep Coaching Franchise

Sidestep Coaching, built by CEO Liam Brown after more than a decade of successful self-employment, recently welcomed new franchisee, Jennine Huffman. As with Brown, Huffman is an ideal candidate for a SideStep franchise, due to her 20 years of experience in sales and marketing and her decade spent as a coach in sales.

Huffman's personality, prior coaching experience and recognition by her peers in the industry were all factors in SideStep's acceptance. Brown noted these qualities as highly desirable in a SideStep Coaching franchisee.

According to Huffman, she connected with Sidestep Coaching through the BetheBoss website. She cited the website's regular emailing of franchise opportunities, quick link to additional information and the easy research process as factors in her final decision to join SideStep.

Huffman estimated she searched nearly 30 franchises before making her choice. She was attracted to SideStep Coaching because it matched her business experience and job preference. Although Huffman had considered starting her own coaching business, she decided it would be easier to work with an established franchise because the groundwork for her business plan would already be in place.

Although SideStep Coaching is very happy with their new candidate, CEO Brown mentioned the company's desire to expand rapidly across Canada. Those interested should contact the SideStep Coaching company for further information while the opportunity is still available.