BioGreen Solutions' and Judo Canada Partner for Healthier Sports Facilities


May 10, 2017

Judo Canada recently announced it has made an agreement with its very first private sponsor, The trademark, which is exclusive, belongs to BioGreen Solutions Canada Inc., a Canadian company that specializes in protection against bacteria and viruses and also offers a variety of cutting-edge services for disinfection. Under this agreement, will provide financial support to Judo Canada for three years and provide its services to the brand's locations to ensure all competition surfaces remain sanitary and well protected.

BioGreen Solutions Canada President Stephane Giroux says his company is thrilled about the partnership with and its sponsoring of Judo Canada. According to the president, the judo brand is among the top sports federations in the country.

This partnership is adding a new aspect to Judo Canada's biggest national competition, The Canadian Open Judo Championships. This event will take place in Calgary, Alberta, from May 25th to May 28th., which is a Quebec Major Junior Hockey League sponsor, will also receive international exposure via the new agreement because its logo will be a part of the uniform of the national judo team when they take part in international contests now and through to the 2020 Olympic Games.

Judo Canada CEO Nicholas Gill is also excited about this alliance because it will help provide support to cadet-level competitors who don't yet receive the government support that junior and senior level athletes can access. Gill noted that the partnership is a reflection of Judo Canada's desire to create more partnerships with sponsors going forward so the private funding to their federation is increased. He added that the services offers will help keep their athletes safe and healthy.

BioGreen Solutions Canada's is a revolution in the disinfection industry, focused on combating the viral infections that can plague sports facilities. This innovative service, which is supplemental to traditional cleaning services, involves the use of low-volume vaporization to reach into and sanitize every nook and cranny of a sport facility and the gear and equipment of athletes. It also can disinfect large areas and attack bacteria and viruses that are airborne using products approved by Health Canada.

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