KANDY Outdoor Flooring - Dragons’ Den Experience Helps UVP


Sep 01, 2014

Vancouver, Canada - Five months after “facing the Dragons” in the den at the CBC Studios in Toronto, KANDY Outdoor Flooring is benefiting in ways the young brand did not expect. And it has nothing to do with money or television exposure, since it isn’t yet known if the segment will air when Season 9 debuts in the fall.

“What we gained is a crystalized unique value proposition (UVP) that revealed itself during preparation and practice of our pitch,” says Kelly Niessen, president of KANDY Outdoor Flooring. “I re-wrote the pitch many times. But it was only two days before the taping that our UVP surfaced. That was the first time we were able to say it in three simple words.”

SERVICE. QUALITY. CHOICE. What KANDY focuses on providing its customers is exactly what Niessen was personally unable to find in the market.

“We realized how powerful this was when we started to rehearse our responses to the anticipated questions from the dragons,” Niessen explains. “No matter what type of ‘why don’t you’ or ‘you should’ comment that comes our way, our UVP helps to immediately illuminate why our model makes sense.”

Since the taping of the Dragon’s Den the UVP has been integrated into the brand’s marketing materials and daily language. The UVP also aligns to KANDY’S core values.

“Our emphasis has always been on service, quality, and choice; we simply were not articulating it in this clear and concise way,” says Niessen. “If the only benefit that had come of it was our unique value proposition of SERVICE, QUALITY, AND CHOICE, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

KANDY Outdoor Flooring expands home experiences by providing service, quality and choice in new outdoor flooring for condo balconies and ground floor patios. KANDY is headquartered in Vancouver with operations in Toronto and Ottawa. KANDY is offering franchise opportunities to the right candidates in urban centres across Canada.