KFC Franchisees Profit From Increased Purchases of Dark Meat


Mar 13, 2007

In a recent newsletter to franchisees, the purchasing agency for Yum! Brands of Louisville, KY reported that dark-meat consumption at KFC restaurants increased 50 percent in 2005, and 30 percent more during just the first half of 2006.

Franchisees are encouraged to take advantage of the trend. According to the franchisee newsletter, dark meat now accounts for about 18 percent of all bone-in poultry ordered by KFC or about 108 million pounds annually.
Dark meat costs substantially less than white, increasing profits.
Dark meat's popularity also is growing in the retail sector, said Ray Atkinson, a spokes man for Pilgrim's Pride, the nation's largest chicken supplier. Atkinson credits that in part to a strong demand for dark meat in the growing Hispanic market.