Kidproof Franchise Canada® Opens US Headquarters


Apr 29, 2010

Vancouver, BC —With child abductions, cyber bullying, and teen “sexting” making daily headline news, Kidproof, North America’s largest and fastest growing safety education franchisor, has expanded its business and established a US headquarters in the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

For over a decade, Kidproof has earned the trust of parents, children, educators, health professionals, law enforcement and other child-centric organizations by providing timely, useful, and exclusive child safety education directly to communities. Kidproof’s innovative, educational, and fun courses teach kids how to recognize warning signs and how to look for tiny clues that something bad might happen.

Established in 2000 and Franchising since 2008, Kidproof has rapidly grown to become the largest business of its kind in the industry. Most recently the company has decided to increase its presence in the US by establishing a USA headquarters in Chandler, AZ in order to better support its Kidproof franchisees in the States.

According to Samantha Wilson, author of the bestseller “Safe Kids Safe Families” and Founder of Kidproof, “Predators, abductions, pedophiles, and the internet present more threats than they did a generation ago. Things that were once considered safe are no longer and parents can barely keep up. Kidproof gives parents and children both peace of mind by providing up-to-date, preventative safety education that is fun, entertaining and empowering. Furthermore, Kidproof offers a unique chance for entrepreneurs to establish their own business teaching Kidproof courses in their own community.”

As a former cop with specialized training in crimes against children, Kidproof Founder and CEO Samantha Wilson learned a few things for certain: violence is predictable, crime is preventable, and education is the key. Passionate about children’s safety and keeping children away from predators and criminals, Samantha established Kidproof in London, Ontario in order to help create safer communities.

Kidproof offers a full range of safety classes for children ranging from ages 4 to 14 including CyperSafe Internet Safety, Bullyproofing, Babysitters Training, At Home Alone, SafeKids, Safe Sport, Never Bee Lost, and many more.

About Kidproof

Kidproof Canada designs, manufactures, and distributes innovative courses and educational materials that cover a range of children’s safety needs including online, babysitting, first aid, at school, and more. Established by ex-cop Samantha Wilson in 2000, Kidproof has rapidly become the largest and fastest growing safety education franchisor in North America selling 75% of available territories in Canada within the first year. By connecting with millions of parents and kids annually, Kidproof and its child safety education franchisees help create safer communities by delivering exclusive child safety programs (such as Stranger Smarts, At Home Alone, BullyProofing, CyberSafe and Babysitter Training) to schools, community centers, youth organizations, churches and private organizations.