The Lunch Lady Opportunity in Guelph, Ontario


Oct 31, 2013

lunch lady franchise

The Lunch Lady Group Inc. is a franchise business serving over 12,000 lunches daily to elementary school students through 43 Lunch Lady franchises from Ottawa to Vancouver.

The Lunch Lady business in Guelph is currently owned and operated by Head Office. We would now like to turn that franchise over to a franchise partner who would add her/his marketing skills and managerial and operational expertise to take the Guelph franchise to the next level.

The offering price for this fully-equipped, Health Board inspected Lunch Lady franchise is $80,000. The cost includes the $25,000 Franchise Fee and an additional add-on territory which would normally cost $10,000 extra. This territory gives you access to an additional 10,000 elementary school kids. There is also a fully committed and trained staff working at this kitchen who wish to continue their employment. The Guelph Lunch Lady franchise is a complete turn-key opportunity!

A new Lunch Lady franchise typically requires an initial investment of approximately $100,000 with no business or customers. It usually takes about two years to build a good base of clients to service. The Guelph Lunch Lady franchise comes with an established customer base of 18 schools currently being serviced. Only 30% of the Guelph school market is currently using our service. The lunch service growth potential remains very high. Other food service opportunities, such as corporate catering, daycares, seniors’ centres and our camps program, all of which have not been introduced into Guelph yet, present a huge upside to this opportunity.

By acquiring this existing franchise that already has a strong client base, a fully-outfitted kitchen and a complement of trained staff, there are considerable advantages compared to a new start-up business.

The Market of Guelph, Ontario

The Guelph market has fantastic potential for business growth. Guelph is a vibrant, affluent community of over 120,000 people and is ranked among the top 10 places to live in Canada. In 2009 Guelph was also named one of the country's smartest communities, its safest city, and Canada's volunteer capital. In short, Guelph is a growing and loyal community, eager to help and support local business owners.

We are now screening candidates interested in this terrific opportunity. If you are business-minded, love working with kids and your Community and are looking for a flexible business lifestyle opportunity, then Lunch Lady is right for you!