Made in the Shade Regina Franchisees Share Their Experience


Jul 08, 2013

The Made in the Shade business was established in 1994 by Robert and Cathy Morse. The positive response to the unique concept of delivering clients customized window coverings right in their own homes led to the expansion in franchising in 2004. Made in the Shade currently has over 50 franchised locations, with the Regina East site owned by husband and wife team, Deke and Sasha Junior.

Sasha and Deke recently spoke about their Made in the Shade experience as franchise owners. Both highlighted the strong support from Robert and Cathy Morse as well as Made in the Shade's comprehensive training program, which includes initial training and ongoing support. Cathy Morse, for instance, served as the couple's answer point via email after the training period.

Deke and Sasha, as first time business owners, felt the level of support and help they received was a significant factor in their success and helped them to overcome their fears. They also cited the support and help from the vendors who work with Made in the Shade, noting they received training on the specific products.

Made in the Shade, with its innovative idea and encouraging culture, has changed the lives of Deke and Sasha Junior. Prospective franchisees should start the ball rolling by requesting franchise information for Made in the Shade today while other territories are still available.