McGuffy's News Inc. addresses unemployment issues by offering business options that move economy


May 20, 2009

Affordable business opportunities can be a turning point for people looking for a way out of financial troubles, lost and/or dead end jobs. Tough economic times often trigger uneasiness and uncertainty in many people. We hear so much talk about layoffs, shut-downs, bankruptcy and unemployment that it can start one thinking that everything is lost. This is especially so for people who are already going through financial hardships or struggling to find a job. However, such times can also prove to be a turning point for some people. McGuffy's News is one company that has chosen to make available affordable business opportunities so your dream of building security and financial freedom can become a reality.

Becoming your own boss is a great way to avoid unemployment and the financial troubles that come with economic recession. To step out into a new business all on your own has certain risks and can be a scary option even in a good economy. With McGuffy's News, you are not alone; you have a team of experienced professionals ready to help at each stage. We supply the know-how; you supply the effort. Our plans offer you the ability to take the steps into area ownership of your very own business. The McGuffys plans work.

Ask Gary Booth, a husband and father of two from Vancouver Island, BC. Leaving a career of 17 years, he just recently started his own area business of McGuffys News. Not only was his local edition up and running shortly after he signed the contract, but he also hired a salesperson less than two months later to help him with his growing business so he can expand it further. "During recessions, people start looking for more affordable ways to advertise their businesses and McGuffys News fits like a glove", states the businessman. He also advises that "People who are now looking for a way out of their financial troubles or who are worried at the possibility of a long period of unemployment should consider McGuffy's News as a new way to bring financial stability into their lives. There are many affordable options out there. I chose McGuffys News and Im very happy with it!", says Booth.

By being part of the McGuffy's family of exclusive licensed area owners means the new business owner is not alone but is part of a much bigger team and together we are making a viable contribution toward economic stability.