Mr. Calzone Community Support


Dec 13, 2023

Winnipeg's Muslim community supports international Muslim students by providing them with meals when they break the fast during Ramadan. Thanks to this initiative, during Ramadan, University of Saint-Boniface students meet every evening after prayer at the Étienne Gaboury student center to share the Iftar meal.

Mohamed Osnou Yobouet, a student originally from Ivory Coast, shows his appreciation for this opportunity for socialization offered to him during Ramadan. “It's not the same as doing it alone”, he admits. “It's a great feeling, as if we were still in the country, with family, with friends, in a group”, he maintains.

Mohamad Jumaily, owner of the Mr. Calzone halal restaurant chain in Winnipeg is one of the Muslim restaurateurs who are participating in the initiative, offering support to a growing segment of his Winnipeg community.

“The Muslim community in Winnipeg is growing, there are refugees, students, people in need who are without family here”, he said. So as a Muslim restaurateur, I feel that it is part of my responsibility to help”.

In addition to its community support, Mr. Calzone offers a unique franchise opportunity in the halal food segment, as the first restaurant specializing exclusively in calzone.



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With information from Radjaa Abdelsadok

Source : (Le Téléjournal Manitoba)