Mr. Mike's - A Franchise That Cares About the Community


Nov 27, 2014

Thanks to a clever community involvement campaign, more and more people will be talking about Canadian dining franchise Mr. Mike's SteakhouseCasual this holiday season.

The movement, called "Deeds Well Done," runs from Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 and encourages guests to nominate a community member who has performed deeds of goodwill.

Nominated individuals then receive a chance to donate $500 from Mr. Mike's to a charity of their choice and receive a $100 Mr. Mike's gift card for their own indulgence.

Locations in Saskatchewan also recently took part in the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Shoebox Campaign, a mission that fills shoeboxes with holiday gifts to give to needy children.

Mr. Mike's started as a single restaurant in Vancouver in 1960. The company peaked in the 1980s with 69 stores in operation, but economic downturn forced closures across the country. After the company changed owners in the 1990s, the franchise expanded to include 24 locations in three provinces. The stores were given a new look in the late '90s and have since taken on a West Coast feel featuring full bars and modern steakhouse cuisine. The new version of the franchise is highly successful and currently looking to expand.

Franchisees can take advantage of Mr. Mike's "up and coming" atmosphere and attitude, especially in communities where a fresh idea would have the most impact. Areas such as Southeast Ontario have yet to experience Mr. Mike's, and the location is ripe for expansion. Savvy franchisees can also take advantage of growing urban areas, such as Toronto, where an influx of younger generations have a preference for higher-class dining.

Those interested in a Mr. Mike's franchise opportunity have a rare chance to be part of something very special. As the company reaches out to its guests, franchisees can capitalize by marketing their Mr. Mike's as a community-oriented and caring restaurant.