Sweet Perks of Being the Boss


Feb 27, 2014

Mr.Mikes Steakhouse's Perspective

After an interview with Rick Villalpando, VP of business development for Mr. Mikes, it's easy to see why so many people want to be their own boss and run a franchise that will help them earn money for a certain quality of lifestyle. Recently, Villalpando has brought on a new franchisee that he's proud of being a part of. Listening to him talk is enough to get anyone into the franchise industry.

Dave Nussbaumer contacted Villalpando for one restaurant in Yorkton, SK. He was so impressed with the Mr. Mikes Steakhouse's casual concept that the ownership of the group decided to sign an agreement to build three Mr. Mikes in Canada. One is already open and proving to be a huge success, with the other two following close behind.

According to Villalpando, this group is ideal for franchise ownership because they are business people at heart and have the knowledge and experience to run the company for optimal success. At the same time, they are excellent at promoting their business and drumming up new customers. Both things can be traits that other people can foster for their own franchise success.

The BetheBoss.ca website is the prime place to find future franchise owners, says Villalpando. He lists on the site and has been happy with the quality of contacts that have come from his listings. He looks for franchisees that have a business sense, are willing to hit the pavement for promoting the company and those who have tip top people skills.

Nussbaumer found BetheBoss.ca by using Google. He filled out an application and was contacted soon after by Villalpando. Nussbaumer likes BetheBoss.ca because it's easy to use and gives him the results he is looking for. Due to his lack of experience in the restaurant business, he knew that going the franchise route would help him achieve his goals as an investor. Nussbaumer chose this franchise because he connected with the people and liked them better than any other franchise opportunity he researched.

That makes BetheBoss one of the leaders in setting up future business owners with the franchise of their dreams, and you could be one of them.