NHance congratulates new franchisees in Ontario


Apr 20, 2017


NHance is pleased to welcome new franchisees James and Angela Henderson covering the Milton - Halton Hills – Georgetown & Acton region.  James and Angela share NHance’s passion for the brand and  will be an integral part of NHance’s strong team of franchisees.  They will be combining their renovation experience with NHance’s proprietary techniques to provide this exciting product to the Milton area. 

N-Hance offers an exceptional opportunity to own your own business and play a significant role in the home improvement industry with surface renewal for cabinets and hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.  This ground-breaking method offers one-day hardwood refinishing without the mess, dust or odor.

New franchisee James Henderson explains why NHance is such a great opportunity:

 "My brother has a renovation business, and I help him out a lot. When replacing kitchens, I've noticed that so many times people use the same layout of their existing kitchen and are just replacing cupboards that are still in great shape just wanting to either go darker or lighter.  I realized with N-Hance it gives the look of a brand-new kitchen with so many colours and stains to choose from for a fraction of the cost and without the waste of a perfectly good kitchen that just needs to be restored!".

With over 500 franchises across the USA and Canada, N-Hance Wood Renewal offers a proprietary refinishing technique that needs no sanding to bring back the natural beauty of hardwood.  Their powerful Lightspeed® U.V. curing technology speeds the refinishing process reducing dust, mess and odors, to make it ideal both for homes and for businesses. Be sure to check out the NHance page on this site for more information about this exciting opportunity.