New Orleans Pizza Canada acquires Ontario Pizza Gallery chain


Jan 31, 2008

New Orleans Pizza Canada Inc. continues along its path of controlled growth as their Owner and President, Andy Vivian, purchased the Sudbury based Pizza Gallery chain with eight (8) locations including Sudbury, North Bay and Belleville. Pizza Gallery was founded in 2002 by the Collin family and has grown into the established franchise of 8 restaurants it is today.

Andy Vivian has been involved in the pizza industry for over 20 years and maintains a hands-on approach to the operations, purchasing and distribution of New Orleans Pizza Canada Inc. New Orleans Pizza’s commitment to quality and value is what has made it a success.

New Orleans Pizza Canada Inc. is a Canadian franchise, which started in 1978. The acquisition of the Pizza Gallery chain will bring the New Orleans Pizza Canada Inc. to 81 thriving locations throughout Ontario with plans to continue expansion throughout Ontario and into other Canadian Provinces.