NHANCE Ontario, Canada Master Franchise First Annual Convention 2017


Jul 09, 2017

NHance Ontario, Canada Master Franchise, held its first annual, 3 day convention in April  2017.  The event was a great success, bringing together all the franchisees to meet and learn from the NHance Master Franchise corporate team and NHance preferred and partnered vendors.

"The convention is a time for the franchisees to meet, learn, exchange ideas and best practices. Our Goal from the convention  is to help our franchisees take their business and franchise to the next level. We are proud to announce that NHance Ontario, Canada, has reached 27 franchises, " says Mr. El Hamad, President of NHance Ontario, Canada, Master Franchise.

Mr. Jensen, Senior VP, praised the fast pace of franchise sales that NHance Ontario, Canada Master Franchise has accomplished in less than a year and the movement in Ontario in terms of home improvements and renovations. He discussed future developments and expansions, and in particular NHance’s the constant research and development to keep up with consumer demands and maintaining its competitive edge.

Intensive technical training sessions were divided over the three days of the convention. Introducing franchisees to new products and services, best practices and safety procedures.

Training extended to sales, marketing, through sessions conducted by our preferred vendors covering online marketing optimization, the importance of direct mail marketing and the tools to success, as well as customer financing.

"Our goal, at NHance , Ontario, Canada, is to ensure that NHance owners reap all the benefits we have negotiated from all of our preferred vendors and partnerships in terms of marketing and other services, in order to assist NHance owners with increasing their sales and boosting their bottom lines," says Mr. El Hamad.

 "I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet the vendors that we will be working with in the future. It's always good to put a name to a face when you are in the service industry," says Tom Miller, Windsor, Essex County, and London franchisee.

What better way to end a convention without a nice dinner celebration and acknowledgment, with prizes and giveaways from our preferred vendors and partners.

 "This event was very important for new franchisees, those getting a sneak preview in preparations for their training. It is amongst one of the many things that NHance has implemented in taking the steps to help create a stronger system for the future. We can see the growth, we can see the improvements, we can see the path to success," says, John Ferreira, NHance Oakville and Burlington franchisee.

 "Thanks for holding such an amazing and well organized convention," says Mr. Jay Asif,  NHance Niagara Region franchisee.

It was a great introduction to the process and the people, I came away from the sessions with a lot of confidence, I see a great success. You can feel that all the people around you want to help; a real team atmosphere," says Pete Waller, NHance Kingston franchisee. 

"With such a great first annual event, the feeling of growth was undeniable. The excitement  of being a part of something grander was very evident amongst everyone from the franchisees, to management, vendors, as well as important visitor guests. WE are no doubt upon the brink of growth and greatness. From new members to existing franchisees, the feeling of unity and common goals was very exciting to see. All in all, a great event for NHance!" says, Kate Boba, NHance Ontario, Canada, Business Development VP.

The convention was really helpful, through enabling us to know the other franchisees in the network and introducing us to all the new NHance services that are now made available for franchise owners," says Ali Shehab, RichmondHill and Aurora - Newmarket franchisee.



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