Retire-At-Home Franchise Continues to Grow in Canada

Date: NOV 6th, 2008

Topic: Franchise News

Ottawa, Ontario – Retire-At-Home Services, a Canadian home health care company, awarded three more franchises this month rounding out its first five franchise locations.  

“We are pleased to announce that we have awarded our next three franchises,” stated Jonathan Martin, Vice President Franchise Development of Retire-At-Home™ LP during the company’s announcement. “Our plan for 2008 was to award only five offices, provided we could find candidates that were truly qualified to represent our name.  With this announcement, we are slightly ahead of pace and thrilled with our progress.”  

The Retire-At-Home™ concept, founded in 1994 by Irene Martin, a registered nurse in Ottawa, provides premium home health care to seniors dealing with a health-related crisis. “We feel very strongly about our new franchisees who were chosen out of hundreds of enquiries and applications” continued Mr. Martin. “Our plan of awarding only five in our first year is to ensure that each franchisee is properly qualified and trained to provide quality care, and ultimately satisfied with the level of service we provide as their franchisor once they become part of our family”.

The three new franchisees that were selected are all in the Greater Toronto Area - Mississauga/Milton, North York, and Burlington – and come from varied backgrounds including two nurses, a business professional and a sales/marketing professional.  “Each applicant must pass a series of interviews and assessments that are reviewed by our board”, explained Mr. Martin.  “Regardless of their professional background, our selection committee is seeking people who are truly compassionate towards others, have the energy to succeed in business, and the desire to provide a quality service to those in need.  Our brand and our reputation depend on it”.

Dariana Paraschiv is a Registered Nurse with more than 15 years experience and was awarded the Burlington franchise this week.  “Throughout my many years of nursing and management in the realm of health care, I have always had the desire to own my own business and provide seniors with services beyond what our health care system is able to supply”, she explained. “Retire-At-Home™ truly understands what it takes to provide a quality service, a commitment often made and rarely achieved.  I feel very confident in my decision and proud to be associated with this organization.”   

Home health care is one of the fastest growing industries in North America, and with the Baby Boomers aging, 1 in 4 people will be a senior within the next 20 years.  As the decision–makers for their parents’ care, Baby Boomers understand the benefits of personalized home health care and are causing the demand to accelerate even today. Retire-At-Home™ has positioned itself perfectly with a franchise model that combines strategic growth for its franchisees with personalized services for its clients.

All three offices will open for business in 2009, servicing seniors in their local communities.  Each franchisee must complete three weeks of training that is based upon the Retire-At-Home™ system developed over 14 years of growth and success in Ottawa.  In 2007, Retire-At-Home™ received its national accreditation through Accreditation Canada and expects its franchisees to attain this accreditation and maintain national standards.