Now Is The Time To Join The Future Of Real Estate


Apr 30, 2015

Many industries have already been disrupted by companies who make It easier (and less expensive) for consumers to get what they want. That’s exactly what is doing for real estate.

“People are increasingly looking at technology, not only to make their lives easier, but also to give them more choice – whether that’s how they watch television or how they find their next property,” says Evan Hinsperger, franchise operator in Thunder Bay, ON.

The timing couldn’t be better for the 16 year old brand to be hitting it’s stride. Homeowners are increasingly weary of high agent commissions and are browsing alternative options online. This growth stage bodes well for individuals seeking a franchise opportunity with both staying power and future innovation.

The Future of Real Estate franchise dreams of a world where buyers and sellers all connect directly - without the burden of high fees. gives sellers an advantage that traditional real estate companies just can’t offer. Their franchise system allows the homeowner to keep more money in their pocket (what they would have paid in commission), or sell their home quicker by creating a more competitive price advantage.’s services typically cost ten times less than you would expect to pay an agent.

“Our customers love dealing with our experts,” explained franchise operator in Halifax, NS, Shannon Gavin. “Being part of means that we don’t have to be all things to all people –we rely on a combination of other people and technology to deliver the rest.”

Launched in 1998, the company now has over 100 franchise locations all across Canada. This national footprint allows franchise owners to benefit from the momentum of the entire network – just the kind of foundation they need to reshape an entire industry. The story is resonating loud and clear with a public fed up with the high cost of commission.

Their franchise owners are very proud of what they do. And they should be since they help people save a lot of money, often in the range of ten to twenty thousand dollars. Instead of a commission percentage, homeowners pay a flat fee. The investment of the homeowner remains the same whether they are selling a $150,000 house or a $1.5 million mansion – the extraordinary service provided remains the same.

“The really attractive part about owning a franchise is how well the idea is received. Real estate really doesn’t have to be that complicated or expensive,” explained Anthony Di Nardo, franchise operator in Vaughan, ON.

Franchise owners become certified Private Sale Professionals™, which means they have completed a rigorous training program and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

“The only experience I needed coming into the business was a passion for people – everything else is looked after through training and great partnerships with the home office team” marveled Tinia Hesketh, franchisee in Kamloops, BC.

Perhaps the greatest advantage experienced by franchise owners is that they have the ability to control their own fate, with the comfort of not having to start from scratch. The same empowering confidence felt by customers translates to the franchise owners. They have access to all the tools and guidance they need to be successful.

"I always wanted a business to call my own, where I have the flexibility and power to decide my own fate. I also wanted something that was cutting edge and innovative - is exactly that!" exclaimed Mike Perras, franchise operator in Sudbury, ON.