Canadian Franchise System Nurse Next Door Launches U.S. Franchise Operations


Sep 02, 2010

(Vancouver, BC) – Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare Services, one of North America’s fastest growing franchise systems, is taking a major step towards achieving its long-term vision. The leading senior home care franchise system in Canada is now launching its much anticipated U.S. franchise operations.

Having established and proven the company’s franchising model in Canada by launching 37 locations in three years, Nurse Next Door announced today that it is ready to launch an initial round of locations in the United States. The company is currently looking for the right entrepreneurs to help bring its vision of making a million lives better to Washington State.

“We are looking for our founding partners in the United States,” said Ken Sim, Co-founder of Nurse Next Door. “We’re approaching our American expansion just as we did our Canadian expansion – careful and methodical. We plan on adding 30 locations in the United States next year but we simply want to start out with three, all based in Washington state.”

Providing in-home care to seniors, Nurse Next Door’s target market, seniors 65 and older, currently accounts for more than 30 million Americans according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This number is expected to grow by approximately 40% over the next five years creating an enormous demand for in-home care services.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and get involved in one of North America’s fastest growing industries,” added fellow Co-founder, John DeHart. “Potential Franchise Partners have the chance here to join a team that has had an incredible amount of success so far and a system that is poised to flourish in the United States.”

Nurse Next Door, established in 2001 and franchising since 2007, has laid a strong foundation for its U.S. franchise operations. The company has quickly become a household name in Canada and has already garnered attention in the United States. The company was ranked one of North America’s top 10 franchise systems by U.S.-based Franchise Business Review in both 2009 and 2010 despite not having any U.S. franchise locations. The company’s business practices have also been covered by major US media outlets such as Fortune Small Business Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and ABC News.

About Nurse Next Door

Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare Services is one of North America’s fastest growing home care franchise systems and is dedicated to delivering flexible, affordable care options to seniors. Founded in 2001 based on the personal experiences of Co-Founders Ken Sim and John DeHart, Nurse Next Door now has 37 franchise locations across North America and is focused on becoming a globally admired brand.