Oxford Learning Franchise in Canada Continues Growth


May 28, 2009

London ON—While many businesses suffer due to the current economic downturn, services that focus on education continue to thrive as parents prioritize their needs and consider what they can do to ensure that their child’s future is more secure. 

Canadian-based tutoring facility, Oxford Learning, continues to develop new programs and is opening new franchises in key areas of growth, despite the current economic climate.

“Parents recognize that children are our greatest assets. We want to protect them from the hardships in life, and the best way to make this happen is by providing them with a quality education” says Oxford Learning Franchise Developer Michelle Dolezel. “After all, Education is the key to the future.”

Oxford Learning franchisees are also parents, and they know how important it is for children to become happy, confident students. Happy children equal happy parents. That peace of mind is priceless.

Oxford Learning has saturated the Ontario market and is now releasing prime new territories for franchise opportunities in the greater Vancouver area, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. 

About Oxford Learning

Oxford Learning began in the mid-1980s when a team of education experts came together to create a unique learning program, which was based on the science of cognitive development. Research into how children actually learn. It’s a feature that sets Oxford Learning’s educational model apart from others and keeps students enrolled, even during times of financial troubles. Oxford Learning is now Canada’s number one supplemental education system and is expanding throughout Canada and the world.