Parmasters Expansion Across Canada


Oct 19, 2006

The Heart of Golf is beating in The Maritimes and at it’s centre is the newest sensation in golf; Parmasters Golf Training Centers Halifax-Dartmouth, Canada’s first indoor golf training center of its kind. From Moe to Munn, to Stewart, Webb & Weir, golf in Canada owes a great deal to the legacies etched out of a not so forgiving field of play on the world stage. These and many more successful Canadian Golfers & their Associations have created the roots for the new northern game. Many Canadians inspired by these legacies and intrigued by the game of golf are in search of a place to learn about this game and in this spirit; Parmasters of Halifax-Dartmouth is swinging open its doors to interested students, duffers, fitness buffs and like-minded golf enthusiasts. Picture yourself walking through the front doors of your own golf club where thousands of golf courses are just a turn of the dial away, in one of the 6 golf simulators inside. You go for a workout in the fitness center and then settle into a comfy chair, with a group of friends beside a 4000sq. foot putting green, you’re having a putting contest and it’s your turn to putt. Parmasters allows for an easy transition for gym membership holders to its spacious facilities. Whether you use Parmasters to get your daily exercise, chip for a while, host a conference, or birthday party, or learn to play, you will be amazed at how supportive and fun golf instruction inside of a Parmasters Golf Training Center can be. Best selling author, entrepreneur coach, and experienced public speaker Tom Matzen, is President & CEO of this new Golf Training Franchise and with 68 franchises pending and awarded world-wide. His focus is on developing the East Coast of Canada first along with Canadian Regional Franchisor Andre Ferris. “Golf is well established all over Canada,” Matzen says but it’s difficult to ignore the massive public support we have felt from the Maritimes… golfers want us around. “ The first Parmasters franchise opened in Memphis, Tennessee in May 2006 and the second in Guangzhou, China opens this October. With construction already underway in Halifax-Dartmouth, the race is on and looks like lucky Haligonians will be the first through the doors in Canada and St. Johns is poised to be next! Having helped others open and expand over 200 businesses, Tom Matzen further expands the Parmasters Franchise along side of US PGA Master Teacher Scott Hazledine. This dynamic team has incorporated Scott’s “Straight-Line Golf” Training Method into the Parmasters Brand and for lucky golfers this means a 25% reduction in handicap, guaranteed! Also, owning your own Parmasters Franchise is as simple as two foot putt and the Parmasters Team Headquarters, Regional Franchisors and Area Development Owners have created a golf training facility that is sure to catch any entrepreneur’s interest, not just those whom already play the game like a touring pro. As if in secret, Parmasters Golf Training Centers has been in development for the past six and a half years. Every aspect of what it takes a franchisee to be profitable has been meticulously groomed into the pages of the Parmasters Operations Manuals leaving nothing to chance. Golf industry experts are standing up and taking notice, as Parmasters ramps up its roll-out strategies, one of which is to take the company public on NASDAQ in early 2007. Regular folks in love with the game of golf are surprised to find a future for them in the golf industry, with the ease of ownership available in this truly turn-key golf business. Parmasters Golf Training Centers are fun to operate, highly profitable and very satisfying to own. Just walk into any golf pro-shop these days and look at how large the section for golf training aids, books and gimmicks has become. Golfers are becoming frustrated with the cost of learning to play and 2 million of them are leaving the game each year as a result. Traditional lessons are difficult to practice because they rely so heavily on timing. Parmasters separates instruction from practice and practice from play, with a focus on the principle that ‘perfect practice makes perfect,’ and endlessly beating balls at a driving range can only hinder a players success and enjoyment of the game. No matter where in the world a member of Parmasters goes, they are instructed within the philosophies of the Straight-Line Golf Teaching Method. Gone are the days of players taking lessons from a golf facility whose teaching staff changes from year to year and thusly, so does the teaching methodology. Grant Gray, A Class Director of Golf and Canadian PGA Head Professional from Mayfair Lakes in Richmond, British Columbia boasts, “this is the real deal, every aspect of the Parmasters strategy has been well thought out and they ensure a seamless transition for the franchise owner as they are handed the keys to owning their own golf company”.