The Pizza Hut Franchise and KFC Franchise are Going Green and Saving Cash


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Franchise Management Inc., an operator of around 200 Pizza Hut and KFC franchise locations across North America, is going green to help the environment and their bottom line at the same time. According to Dak Conklin, development manager, water bills among the franchise business locations are a significant budget drain. The planned $10,000 in improvements will mix air and water to lower usage by possibly 50 percent.

Other planned improvements involve the franchise locations' lighting, coolers and cookers in a bid to lower power consumption and reduce high energy bills. Lighting will adjust itself in accordance to the natural brightness at the time, a process Conklin refers to as 'daylight harvesting,' and cookers will come in a prescribed order instead of all at once to avoid a large energy draw.

The coolers in the Pizza Hut franchise locations and KFC franchise locations were another source of wasted energy identified by Franchise Management, Inc. Since the internal temperature sensors measured the room temperature, cooler fans would start up each time someone opened the unit's door. With the adjustments, fans will now only kick on when the temperatures change inside.

Conklin notes other improvements Franchise Management, Inc. is looking into, including solar and wind power, once the company realizes its goal of a 70 percent reduction in power usage through the initial improvements. The power savings will pay for themselves in energy bill reduction in about a year, estimates Conklin, and help Franchise Management, Inc. mower power consumption and reduce high energy bills.