Cheese tops the list of most aphrodisiac toppings at Canada’s largest pizza franchise chain


Feb 10, 2009

Montreal, Quebec, February 10, 2009 – In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Pizza Pizza, Canada’s largest pizza chain has stocked up on various toppings believed to be natural aphrodisiacs. For the fifth straight year, the company has commissioned research that explores a growing consensus among experts that various natural ingredients – commonly found in pizza – can lead to heightened levels of romance. 


Some pizza toppings that stir the passions include olives, jalapenos and tomatoes, but none seem to compare to the love-inducing qualities of cheese. Cheese contains phenylethylamine (PEA), a natural amphetamine that the brain manufactures in response to the feelings of love. In fact, cheese contains 10 times the levels of PEA normally found in chocolate.


“Food, both in terms of ingredients and the various ways people enjoy it, has always been intricately linked with romance,” explains Pat Finelli, chief marketing officer at Pizza Pizza. “Valentine’s Day allows us to share what our customers have expressed during the course of my 25-year career: that truly enjoying a pizza can be very romantic.  ”

As part of its Valentine’s Day promotions, Pizza Pizza is hosting its 3rd annual Cheesiest Lines contest.  Until February 15th Pizza Pizza is inviting customers to submit their most creative ‘cheesy’ one liners via mobile text messaging (SMS) to ‘PIZZA’ (74992) for their chance to win one of 11 prizes of $100.   Previous winning entries include:

-          I miss you like I miss cheddar, mozzarella, and I am lactose intolerant
-          Your smile is so warm it could melt an iceberg
-          If you were a laser, you would be set on stunning
-          Here I am! Now what were your other two wishes?
-          I told my mother I would call her when I found the woman of my dreams
-          You're like a dictionary... you add meaning to my life
-          How are we ever going to fall in love if you won't talk to me?
-          Hey I forgot my library card...can I still check you out?
-          Your lips look so lonely... would they like to meet mine?
-          We were made for each other like mozzarella and pepperoni


Leading up to Valentine’s Day, Pizza Pizza is offering information on its website about which ingredients are considered aphrodisiacs and tips on how to set the mood this Valentine’s Day.  For more information visit


About Pizza Pizza

Founded in 1967, Pizza Pizza is an industry pioneer and Canada’s number one pizza chain. With the 2007 acquisition of Pizza 73, a leader in western Canada, Pizza Pizza operates more than 600 traditional and non-traditional restaurants coast to coast. Pizza Pizza has introduced numerous innovations such as whole-wheat, multi-grain dough, a gluten-free crust and the elimination of industrially-added trans fats from all menu items. Through the years, the company has been a loyal supporter of community groups, helping to organize fundraisers, sponsoring events and supporting local projects at the corporate and franchise level.