Planet Beach Franchise Opens in Oakville


Jan 21, 2009

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO - Planet Beach Contempo® Spa is upscale and modern using only the most innovative spa technologies to provide its members with affordable massage and UV therapy.

Gone are the days where one massage therapist is too hard and another too soft. Planet Beach's state-of-the-art spa technology allows the individual to have control of the experience and customize equipment settings to personal preference, making the massage or UV session just right-remember those customized settings, and the same relaxing experience can be had every time.

"It's so simple to use, with just the touch of the screen and push of a button you control everything from heat, speed, strength, and frequency," says Master Franchisee Nicole Matta. "Once the settings are made, just put on the head phones, listen to tranquil tunes, lay back and relax, and feel your body being invigorated."

The massage services range from a soothing full-body massage to a deep-tissue targeted massage, and have been carefully engineered to relieve stress, decrease muscle tension, and leave tired muscles feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The Oakville franchise is Ontario's first and the only true Contempo® spa in Canada, but with over 380 locations and 1.9 million members worldwide, Planet Beach is a recognized leader in UV therapy, skin care services, and is equipped with the latest in therapeutic massage technology.

Planet Beach's unique approach offers technology-driven, attendant-free spa and UV therapy services that focus on total wellness. All treatments are fully automated, enabling customers to pamper both face and body at the press of a button, in privacy and on their own schedule - a plus in today's hectic and busy world.

"The concept of making a complete and full range of skin care services that are easy to use and convenient, is intriguing," says Nicole Matta. "You can get a golden glow, hydrate your skin, rejuvenate your face, and relax with a massage - all in one place, at a reasonable price, and without spending a whole day."

This exclusive mix of services is available only at Planet Beach.

"For just a little less than the regular or typical cost of a two hour visit to a traditional day spa, our members can indulge in a month of near limitless services and experience any one of our many therapies," says Nicole Matta. "As this experience may be new to many, we offer a free pass so that guests can try it first - be warned - once you've tried it, you'll love it."