Prep 'n Sell at the April BC Franchise Expo with Expansion Opportunities


Mar 23, 2018


The Prep’n Sell team announces that they will be at the BC Franchise Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre on April 7th and 8th as part of their aggressive expansion into the BC market.  The Franchising team will be at the show to speak about this exciting opportunity which has huge growth potential and builds on the existing infrastructure of Prep’n Sell’s established support team in the BC lower mainland.  

The right person for this opportunity truly enjoys working with people, getting out, being social and networking, whether that's with homeowners or real estate agents. Naturally, successful franchisees will also have some business sense and project management skills. 

Moving is often stressful, and this is where Prep 'n Sell comes to the rescue. This home service brand offers a "one-call" service to homeowners and real estate agents, giving them all they need when their home is going up for sale. David Collier, the company's founder, created the business when he realized there was a gap in the market. At the time, he was in the cleaning business, and he noticed real estate agents needed help preparing homes for sale. Now, instead of having to call contractors, cleaners and handymen, clients can contact Prep 'n Sell for all their prepping needs.



Franchisees are thriving 

As this brand has evolved, many of its franchisees have enjoyed success. Julie Smith, a franchisee in the Beaches area of Toronto, had grown tired of her 25-year-career and was searching for a business that aligned with her values and hobbies. She had known Collier for years, so she asked him about his business, reviewed its websites and realized the franchisee requirements were a match for her personal values. 

Like Smith, British Columbia franchisee Richard Foster was looking for a change after three decades of retail management. He'd already made money for other businesses over the course of his career, so he decided it was time to have a company of his own. Foster decided on Prep 'n Sell for a variety of reasons: he already believed real estate was a true investment and that the brand concept was brilliant as there was no direct competition for the bundled home prep services. 

Franchisees with this brand receive a one-week training course at its Toronto headquarters, and ongoing support is provided. In addition to social media messaging and bi-weekly bulletin blasts, Collier and his team work with franchisees to help them create a sustainable, healthy business.


To learn more about Prep 'n Sell, be sure to stop by the BC Franchise Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre on April 7th and 8th from 11:00 - 5:00 where David and Richard would be pleased to meet you, or click here to read more about Prep 'n Sell.