As confidence in agents declines, popularity explodes


May 10, 2012

Some interesting statistics came out of a recent survey commissioned by The national poll was conducted by Angus Reid and found that Canadians are fed up with the traditional method of using a real estate agent to sell their home.

"Today's buyers and sellers don't like being pawns in a process, and real estate agents should give Canadians more credit," said Ken LeBlanc, President of "These survey results prove what has known all along - you don't need a traditional real estate agent and their high fees to successfully sell a home."

The survey found that Canadian home owners polled:

  • 82% feel a 5% commission is too much
  • 50% believe agents don't have their best interests in mind when selling their home
  • 60% agree bidding wars are engineered by real estate agents
  • 67% say traditional real estate agents are a factor contributing to home price inflation
  • 74% agree they would be consider a marketing program to sell their home to save money
  • 19% think their real estate agent was definitely worth the commission paid
  • 87% believe that how much money they have at the end of the day is most important when selling a home

" advises Canadians looking to sell a home to explore their options and inquire into programs that will allow them to do it themselves with no strings attached," added LeBlanc. "While those in the traditional agent/broker segment may want buyers and sellers to believe that it is dangerous not to use an agent, the truth is that the real estate market has changed and savvy consumers, with the right tools, technology and know how can sell their home without the use of an agent." has over 100 franchisees operating in more than 600 communities across Canada. With over 43,000 listings and 12.5 million website page views a month, interest in their service is exploding and there is plenty of opportunity for new franchises to share in their success.