launches a new real estate search engine


Aug 24, 2010

Moncton N.B. August 23, 2010 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

North America's largest private sale real estate franchise has successfully launched a new technology platform aimed at those who are engaged in buying or selling property without a middleman.

The new platform, which includes a completely redesigned and rebuilt web site, boasts an enhanced search engine which allows buyers to search for listings in the company's listing database of over 2,000 communities, using criteria from over 177 different data points.

Companies like aim to make the buying and selling experience less complicated and less expensive. Agents no longer have a stronghold on the market. In some markets, a home seller can access the service for as little as $400 instead of paying what is often considered a king's ransom to a real estate agent.

"Property buyers want information, not some agent's sales pitch. We believe that property seekers want access to as much information as possible, laid out in a useful and easy to find and understand format," boasted CEO, Ken LeBlanc.

"With over 80% of home buyers now starting their search online, we set out to provide our franchise partners and customers with the world's best real estate platform. Period."

Aside from being high-tech, the company is also high-touch. is expanding all across Canada by offering a unique franchise opportunity where its operators can profit from the growing demand for their service. Franchise owners are taking advantage of the apparent shift in real estate where power is now being given back to the people.

"We're really excited to expand our reach by "awarding" franchises to those willing to become the future of real estate," says LeBlanc, who is seeking like-minded people to lead his brand in local markets.

What makes this service so interesting is that home sellers using are often able to price their property nearer to its market value, which can result in taking less time to sell. "So we're not only more affordable than agents, we've also seen how our system can results in a quicker sale," adds LeBlanc.

The company reports that since the new platform's launch, traffic to the web site has increased over 133%. The most popular pages have been the redesigned photo albums, which now include substantially larger images.

Among the new platform features is an ingenious new tool for helping sellers get a feel for what a buyer is willing to pay. Buyers who visit a property listing can leave feedback on the price and set up a notification that will automatically let them know when their chosen property falls within their prescribed price range. What's unique is that the seller can see a graph which demonstrates at what price ranges buyers are most interested in their property. If at any point a property's asking price drops into the buyer's threshold, the buyer will be notified instantly of the new price.

Other new features include seamless integration with Google Maps and Google Streetview, tools for sharing information with Facebook and Twitter, and mobile text messaging services connected directly to customers' front lawns.

About is unlike any ordinary real estate company. In fact, we're not agents or brokers. That's because from day one, we knew we could be something different - something much better. Simply put, we use the power of the internet combined with our experts on the ground in your community to provide a safe and practical way for buyers and sellers to connect while avoiding the high cost of commission. Instead of commission, we charge an affordable marketing fee and collect absolutely no commission when your property sells. You keep the money. That's the way. That's fair right?