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May 26, 2007

On the eve of a big week in real estate - following the much anticipated story of a nine month investigative report by "60 minutes" - American & Canadian viewers got a taste of what some of us have known for awhile. Paying hefty real estate commission is a way of the past. Real estate agents that watched the segment entitled "To Shine a Light on Real Estate" surely cringed for cover - as this story put commission seriously under fire. Of course, the entire debate over the future of real estate is very much dependant on who you dare to ask - and the debate doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

Reg Roberge from Timmins Ontario - is one man that didn't need a popular TV show to shed light on the future of real estate. He and his wife Linda saw the "signs of changing times" when they first recognized They dug deep for an entrepreneurial awakening - did their homework - and purchased a franchise. You see, Reg and Linda understood the concept of a paradigm shift. They recognized that the internet has brought on revolutions in the travel industry, finance and insurance, and has transformed the way we buy books, music and much more. They also recognized that real estate is next in line for massive transformation.

The Roberge family represent a new breed of real estate professionals, who not trained to pick at the public's pocket book, but instead work to help people to save money. Armed with pure logic and driven by passion and results, they carry a professional designation that few others have. As Private Sale Professionals, Reg and Linda get energized every time they save someone money. "While some agents get excited about how much commission they make - we get all fired up when our customers avoid commission - saving themselves thousands," comments Linda when asked about her new found profession. Even though they just began their business - the Timmins franchise already has a number of success stories. Their first two customers saved themselves nearly $8,000 each. "I can't begin to describe how great it made me feel to see how much these savings meant to my clients - that's what keeps me so excited about what we're doing," says Reg. believes that real estate commissions will be challenged over and over again until a new “normal” is established - which they predict will happen by 2010. By then, they believe that half of all Canadians will opt towards a commission free formula. "The future status-quo will be flat fee and commission free," comments Ken LeBlanc, President of Inc. "We're happy to be associated with great people like Reg & Linda - their integrity will make our move into Timmins a huge success," adds LeBlanc.

LeBlanc and his team began the journey with less than $100 while still in University. Now - nearly ten years later - has become the private sale leader with new offices opening up all across Canada every month. Local agents in Timmins are less than excited about moving to town as they stand to loose over 20 Million in commissions if the company's predictions hold true.


Canadian Franchise Magazine recognizes as one of the Top 25 most successful Canadian franchise systems. In business since 1998, the company now has over 90 licensed franchise units across the country. For a pre-set fee starting as low as $649, homeowners access all the personal support and marketing material they need to sell their home privately and professionally or they can do it themselves online for as little as $299. The company's industry-leading website - which receives over 45,000,000 hits per month - gives every home seller registered on their system unlimited exposure to an international market.

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