Puckmasters Franchise Continues Expansion Across Canada


May 20, 2009

Former NHL 1st Rounder Jason Soules prepares to open Puckmasters in Hamilton

(Port Coquitlam, BC)--- While the average Professional Hockey Career is only four and a half years, 1st Round NHL Draft Pick Jason Soules Professional Hockey Career was cut even shorter at two years. After getting drafted first round by the Edmonton Oilers, Jason played two years for their American Hockey League the Cape Breton Oilers and that was it.

Unlike many hockey players once their hockey career is over, Jason was able to keep his passion for hockey alive by obtaining the Puckmasters Hockey Training Centers Franchise Rights for Hamilton, Ontario. The former NHL 1st Round Draft Pick is getting ready to open the doors at Puckmasters Hamilton, Ontario later this month.

“Do what you love and you never have to work another day in your life” says Puckmasters Founder Pete Fry. “Many people drag their buts all day long at work then the minute they step out of work they are reenergized to see their family and friends, go golfing, fishing, play sports are whatever their passion may be. The sad part is they don’t get rich doing that -The key is to ‘make your vacation your vocation’. This way you will continually work at your work which you love to do anyway. This is the whole idea behind a puckmasters franchise. Our Franchise owners are very passionate about their businesses because they are passionate about hockey”


Puckmasters’ year-round, indoor hockey training centers provide high-caliber training – including unique 1-on-1 coaching - that is designed to develop the highest skill levels of youth hockey players ages 18 to 6 by focusing on the mental aspects of the game.


“One-on-one coaching has tremendous advantages over team coaching because a personal coach can focus specific attention to the students’ individual needs,” Fry said.


In addition, Puckmasters training rinks also feature exclusive, ProSpeed™ Resistance Skating Surfaces (R.S.S.) that provides natural resistance to improve skating, along with shooting simulators and core strength training programs. Skating treadmills are being introduced throughout the system. Puckmasters is primed for growth in both Canada and the U.S.


Prospective Puckmasters franchisees are strong, results-oriented leaders with proven sales, marketing and management skills. Past hockey experience isn’t necessary and but franchisees must have a passion for the game and teaching it to children. About 20 percent of Puckmasters franchises are owned by individuals with extensive playing experience, including Mike Wilson, an eight-year NHL veteran who operates Puckmasters in Cleveland.


A typical day for a franchisee presents an array of responsibilities such as setting up marketing and cross-promotional opportunities with local rinks and sports stores and making presentations to youth hockey leagues. Puckmasters realizes the reputation of its brand extends beyond what takes place on the rink. Its centers are always clean and attractive and staffed by uniformed employees who are devoted to customer satisfaction.


“We’re looking for enthusiasts who have an entrepreneurial spirit or strong sales and marketing experience who want to be involved in a fast-growing concept,” Fry said. “This is an opportunity for them to live their passion. To me there is nothing better than to be able to do something you love and know that’s it making a huge difference in the lives of our students while also having the opportunity to operate a profitable business.”


Fry is is excited to have Jason Soules as part of the team. “Jason has a strong hockey background and also brings his hard working mentality to the Puckmasters System”. Fry says.