Retire-At-Home™ awards two offices in Alberta, brings Choices to Seniors and Families


Mar 22, 2010

Ottawa, Ontario – March 12th, 2010 – Retire-At-Home Services, a Canadian home health care company, enters the Alberta market by awarding offices in Calgary and Edmonton this month.  As it continues to expand its award-winning service across Canada, it has now reached 13 locations. 

“Retire-At-Home’s expansion is only possible thanks to well-qualified and compassionate people in each new city” stated Jonathan Martin, Vice President Franchise Development of Retire-At-Home™ LP during the company’s announcement. “The newest additions to our franchise family come from varied backgrounds, and bring a true understanding of what we all look for in quality home health care for our future clients in Alberta. Albertans enjoy an excellent quality of life and they expect the best, especially when it comes to the health care of their loved ones. Our newest franchisees are committed to carry on our 15 year tradition of meeting our standards for customer dignity, respect and customized service.”

The Retire-At-Home™ concept, founded in 1994 by Irene Martin, a registered nurse in Ottawa, provides support services to seniors, while helping their family manage the care that is provided. Their carefully chosen and experienced caregivers provide a range of services, from companionship through to end-of-life nursing.

Genese Carnakie is a registered nurse of over 14 years and joined Retire-At-Home as a franchisee to make a difference in Calgary.  “My whole life, and my whole career, helping others has always been a natural fit for me”, explained Ms. Carnakie.  “I recently felt the desire to start my own business and, when I came across Retire-At-Home, I was very impressed with the match to my own deep compassion for helping seniors. Their ability to help me build a successful company with quality service was unmatched.  It was a great fit for me.” 

Donna Wynn was awarded a franchise in Edmonton just this week. “I’m still doing my dance of joy,” stated Ms. Wynn.  “I’ve been in the health and safety field for over 10 years and really did my research on finding a company that put the needs of seniors first.  Retire-At-Home exceeded my expectations, and I’m proud to be a part of this wonderful organization.”

Home health care is one of the fastest growing industries in North America, with people anticipating the aging of Baby Boomers in coming years. But their influence is affecting the industry right now. Already, a quarter of Baby Boomers are experiencing first hand the “aging in place” challenges, as the decision–makers and caregivers for their aging parents. They understand the benefits of personalized home health care and are causing the demand for better service to accelerate even today. Retire-At-Home™ has delivered on that demand since 1994, and is well positioned with its franchise model to combines strategic growth for its franchisees with personalized services for its clients.

Each location delivers the high standard of care that has been offered by the company, based upon the Retire-At-Home™ system developed over 15 years of growth in Canada.  In 2007, Retire-At-Home™ received its national accreditation through Accreditation Canada and expects its franchisees to attain this accreditation and maintain national standards.