Revive Energy Mints Joins the International Franchise Association


Apr 21, 2010

Revive Energy Mints has recently gained membership with the prestigious IFA, or the International Franchise Association. Established in 1960, the IFA serves the purpose of protecting, enhancing, and promoting franchising. It is a resource for both franchisers and franchisees alike, as well as third party suppliers working directly with franchises.

Since being introduced to the market, Revive Energy Mints have been popular among several consumer groups, most notably health and fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Each mint contains more energy than the leading energy drink, while also providing consumers with health benefits from the inclusion of what are considered superfoods among the health community. Revive's proprietary healthy energy blend consists of the increasingly popular acai berry, goji berry, and mangosteen fruit--leading to an energy-enhancing mint among other nutrients. Consumers tired of unhealthy and sugar-loaded energy drinks are turning to Revive as a healthy alternative source of energy, boosting not only their energy levels but also their mental and physical health. Besides being content-superior to energy drinks, Revive is also liquid-free, sugar-free and contains only four calories per mint, making them ideal for people on the go in need of a quick and effective energy boost.

Revive Energy Mints was introduced on the market in August of 2008 and has been experiencing great success in North America while also expanding into international markets. Why is the Revive program been doing so well? At the corporate level, the company has set up an extensive coaching process that each new franchisee needs to go through before entering into sales situations. After completing this process which develops product, company, and industry knowledge, franchisees are then supported by a cross-functional marketing team concerned with providing franchisees with a consistent messaging and the most effective marketing materials possible.

Through constant two-way communication with both franchisees as well as the consumer base, Revive Franchising ensures constant feedback, superior consumer knowledge, and the most effective marketing materials possible. This Denver-based company seeks to provide innovative and exciting products through extensive consumer development and research, ensuring a strong presence in the energy supplement market now and for years to come.