Ridgegold Marketing: Offering Media Web Packages


Oct 18, 2007

Ridgegold Marketing has recently finished development on 6 new web based portals available for purchase in Canada. These portals focus on a number of industries in which advertising is crucial. Ridgegold Marketing now has the following portals in its portfolio:

Canada Top Agents (Real-Estate)

Canada Top Brokers (Mortgage Broker)

Insure Canada (Insurance Agents)

My Canada Night Life (Night Life)

Canada Skilled Trades (Skilled Trades)

Canada Body Health (Health services)

Canada Home Help (Home Interest)

Shop Now Canada (Retail Shopping)

Rental Doctor (Rental Accommodations)

With these new additions of web based portals, Ridgegold Marketing is now offering the opportunity to purchase a media web package involving 5 of the above portals to set up you’re very own Web Media Firm in your desired location in Canada.

Work from home

Each Ridgegold Marketing web portal is designed to provide the ability to work from home, as you are a virtual business in which most all transactions are done via email or phone conversations. Working from home provides convenience and many tax advantages. More and more large companies in Canada have employees working remotely from home as it’s a huge way to lower overhead and maximize efficiency. Ridgegold Marketing has designed each concept to provide this ability.

Passive Income

Each Ridgegold Marketing web portal is designed to generate passive incomes when a client base is established. Each portal provides an annual listing, which needs to be renewed each year. Depending on size of locations, each portal is designed to generate 65k of annual passive income. We have a very detailed and proven sales method which you will be introduced to.