‘School Is Easy’ Tutoring Fraser Valley Grand Opening Success!


Dec 02, 2013

What a great success!! It’s only been 3 months and she has had 50 inquiries and 30 student registrations. The buzz is happening and parents are delighted to have this great service in their area. Debbie is using proven marketing strategies out in her local community.

Everywhere you look in the media you hear the same outcry “The Global Tutoring Industry is experiencing explosive growth. The global private tutoring market is already a multi-billion dollar industry, and according to estimates from Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA), it will reach US $102.8 billion by the year 2018. The magazine and website Inc. listed tutoring as one of the top 16 industries worldwide for starting a new business, with a growth rate of 7% in the last year. “Private tutoring is a very dynamic sector to be in right now” says Tom Maher, Chairman of Tutor’s Association in London.

The reasons for the explosion of tutoring are:

The world of work has changed as the world’s middle class seek employment in the service sector resulting in intense competition for more education. Modern organizations use a person’s degree as an initial screening tool for employment and education skills.

Increased female participation in the formal job market globally has led to higher household budgets but less time to help kids with their homework. New immigrants bring in cultural values that regard education as a top priority. Immigrants need to adjust to the Canadian curriculum, teaching methods and new language.

School teachers do not have the time and resources to focus on individual pupil’s needs in the way private tutors can. “It’s wonderful to be in an industry that is lucrative and also truly helps people succeed. We make money doing what we love. What could be better?” states Susan Cumberland, the Founder and CEO of ‘School Is Easy’. The ‘School Is Easy’ team is poised for expansion and is planning to add 4-6 units across Canada by the end of 2014.