Self Breathalyzer Sales on Fire


Sep 17, 2015

A person's BAC is influenced by various factors, including:

•   Gender
•   Speed of drinking
•   Amount of food in stomach
•   Weight

There is no hard and fast rule for determining BAC, so drivers need a reliable, quick way to check their level before they get into the car in Canada. That's where Turdus, an internationally recognized breathalyzer manufacturer, comes to the rescue.


The Turdus Self Breathalyzer allows Canadian drivers to check their BACs in just two minutes. All the user has to do is hold the breathalyzer in his or her hand for 10 to 15 seconds, break the caps on each end of it to remove the protective seal, and blow into one end until the red rectangle indicator turns completely white. The top changes color to indicate if the driver has failed the test, which means his or her BAC is higher than 0.05 percent.

Approved by both the FDA and the NF, Turdus' Self Breathalyzers are approved for use by police forces in Europe. In fact, more than 460 million units have been sold there. This product has applications across multiple industries and a 98 percent accuracy rating. Concerned drivers throughout Canada will want to take advantage of the opportunity to avoid making the terrible mistake of driving impaired.

It is easy for customers to access the Self Breathalyzer units via a vending machine. Each machine accepts credit cards and features a high-definition demonstration video that shows how easy it is to use and encourage those who are unsure about how a Self Breathalyzer works to try the product. Information about the product, payment, and its accuracy is clearly displayed on the vending machines to catch the eye of potential customers.

Turdus Self Breathalyzer vending units are a great opportunity for those looking for a business that will meet a large and steady demand. The market is any location inside or near a place that serves alcohol, such as bars, wedding venues, and restaurants.

With all of the focus in the country on the human, social and financial costs of driving impaired and the increasingly strict laws against it, it is only natural that more and more drivers will want to do whatever they can to ensure they are not driving over the limit.