Sidestep Coaching Joins BeTheBoss


Apr 02, 2013

Sidestep Coaching has now joined the growing list of successful franchise companies featured at As an emerging leader in the professional business coaching field, Sidestep is continuing to expand throughout Canada at a rapid pace so that it can meet the growing demand for experienced business coaches and corporate trainers.

According to CEO Liam Brown, Sidestep Coaching offers a unique, superior model in the coaching industry because the company does not utilize a "one-size-fits-all" approach by trying to be all things to all people. Instead, Sidestep Coaching focuses on coaching strategies in the financial and service-based sectors, two of the fastest-growing sectors in the Canadian business world. Because of this intense specialization, Sidestep is able to provide its clients with a more effective customized methodology that includes one-on-one coaching, group training sessions and seminars.

Another benefit of Sidestep is that it provides franchisees with a network of already established relationships and partnerships with a large number of umbrella organizations and businesses. By getting immediate access to these valuable organizations, Sidestep franchisees can hit the road running and get a jump-start on building a profitable, successful coaching business from the very beginning. Toward this end, Sidestep also offers a number of successful lead-generating programs that can help franchisees realize profits and revenues even more quickly.

Brown said that, since its inception, Sidestep Coaching has developed strong business relationships with its target industries. In addition, the company has utilized its strengths to satisfy the strong demand for effective training and coaching programs. With proven methodologies and programs, Sidestep Coaching runs on a business model that follows proven methodologies, yet the company still continually reinvents itself so that it can fulfill the ever-evolving needs of clients in this rapidly changing business world. Sidestep also works continually to enhance and improve its programs and services and by doing so not only serves its clients and franchisees, but also stays ahead of the competition.

In today's competitive business world, coaching services are greatly in demand throughout Canada. Because of this, Brown said that now is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the vast Sidestep opportunities that are currently becoming available in Canada's major cities. At present, the hottest, most popular coaching markets continue to be Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton, with requests for more coaches and trainers coming in on a regular basis.

Brown said that he decided to bring Sidestep Coaching into the BeTheBoss website network because the site has such a fantastic reputation, in addition to a great presence ranking on the Internet. Brown added that he and his staff have worked with other companies that also use BeTheBoss and these businesses have given the site a glowing recommendation as well.

Because of these qualifications, Brown said that BeTheBoss is "a natural" to partner with Sidestep Coaching, particularly as the two share the same superlative business ethics. These include an approach that is innovative and entrepreneurial, while at the same time dedicated and committed to both franchisees and clients.

According to Brown, Sidestep Coaching has one significant aim in mind and that is to help make franchisees and clients more successful and profitable. Because of this goal, the staff at Sidestep is 100 percent dedicated to supporting and working with all of the company's franchisees, thus ensuring their success. That's why Sidestep staff members from the main office are actively and constantly involved with supporting and guiding every franchisee, each step of the way.

To celebrate its inaugural franchisee launch this year, Sidestep Coaching is offering, for a limited time only, discounted prices for the next five franchisees to join the company. For more information about Sidestep Coaching and to learn about its current discount pricing incentive, visit to find out about available Sidestep franchise opportunities in your area.