Canam Franchise Launches Social Media Marketing Program


Jul 14, 2010

, BC
July 9, 2010

-  Canam is proud to launch their social media marketing program for franchisors. The program offers Franchise systems a customized Social Media Marketing Strategy designed specifically to suit their particular market.

Social media has become a massive phenomenon that has changed the way people communicate and share ideas.

In launching this new Social Media program, we are offering franchisors a competitive edge in their now-essential Social Media Marketing (SMM) efforts.

"In my constant communication with franchisors the common theme has been How do I set up an effective Social Media Campaign?  Many franchisors have indicated that with social media changing almost on a daily basis, it is simply too time consuming for them to handle on their own.”  Says CANAM President Rob Lancit

Lancit goes on to say “It can be difficult and time-consuming for franchisors to monitor conversations about their brand online. But it is absolutely essential to know what's being said through the various channels on the social web.”

Companies can no longer afford to ignore Social Media Marketing. The conversations surrounding a business’s reputation is measured by your consumers’ perception of the brand’s products and services. You need to have control over this perception by engaging the community through Social Media.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing include:

  • Controlling the Online Discussion Surround Your Brand
  • Communicate Directly with Target Audience
  • Brand Building
  • Generates  interest in you product or service
    Positions you as an expert in your industry
  • Quick and Easy Reputation Management

Canam combines Franchising and Social Media Marketing expertise. We have experience with both Social Media Marketing and Franchise Development. Because of that factor our large network of clients, we are able to offer these services much more cost-effectively than traditional ad agencies can.


With over 10 years experience in building franchise system from the ground up and helping existing and new franchisors expand throughout the Canadian marketplace, CANAM knows franchising. CANAM has developed Canada’s most trusted franchise lead generating web portal  making us Canada’s leader in franchise marketing and promotion. We have become Your Canadian Franchise Authority™
Canam is a proud member of the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA).

For more information, please contact:
Rob Lancit 
Phone: 1 866 730 5553