Stacey Mowbray, CEO of Second Cup, on Undercover Boss Canada


Mar 13, 2012

ceo second cup franchise canada

Second Cup, a popular Canadian coffee franchise, will be featured this Thursday March 15th on Undercover Boss Canada.

CEO Stacey Mowbray will go undercover as a woman reentering the workforce in order to spend a few days seeing the organization from the perspective of her employees. During the episode, Mowbray will go undercover working shifts as a rookie barista and in Second Cup’s roasting plant.

Mowbray has been the CEO of Second Cup since March 2008 and also serves as its President. Prior to taking the helm at Second Cup, Mowbray held a variety of senior level marketing roles for Molson, Cara & Pepsi. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Wilfred Laurier University and a Masters of Business degree from York University.

She acknowledges that while the Undercover Boss experience was immensely valuable, the days she spent in the shoes of her loyal employees were challenging. Second Cup teaches its employees the fundamentals of coffee but that didn’t keep Mowbray from making some humorous errors during filming providing laughs for audiences.

“You forget how physical it is. You’re working behind the counter for a long period of time on your feet. There’s so much precision around the machinery – the timing, the coffee quality, the roasting precision … people underestimate that.”

Was Mowbray able to stay in character? “That’s always a challenge because you know more than you’re supposed to know. And I truly wanted to live the experience and see it through. But you know what? I loved it. Honestly, it was a fantastic experience, far better than I even imagined.”

Second Cup has been proudly Canadian since 1975. With over 360 cafés nationwide, Mississauga based Second Cup is Canada’s largest coffee franchisor.

If you have been considering purchasing a Second Cup or another Canadian coffee franchise, we recommend you take an hour to watch Mowbray on Undercover Boss Canada this week. The show airs at 9pm e/p Thursday March 15th on W Network.