Subway Restaurants Introduce New 'Subway Fresh Fit ' Menu Nationwide


Mar 08, 2007

Subway, which has long been committed to promoting 'better for you' eating among children and adults, has created and launched new series of "fit" menu items. Subway Fresh Fit meals have been developed to satisfy the communities' desire to lead a better and more active lifestyle. The new menu also reflects Subway Restaurants' commitment to help in the fight against childhood obesity.

The new Subway Fresh Fit menu puts them in a leadership position in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. The new Subway Fresh Fit meals were developed to fit into the American Heart Association's approach to a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the new menu options provide adults and kids with better, on-the-go meals that complement living a busy and active lifestyle.

Subway restaurants' meals are comprised of a Subway Fresh Fit adult meal and a Subway Fresh Fit For Kids meal consisting of a low-fat sandwich and "fit" sides and beverages. New "fit" products being introduced include sliced apples, raisins and 1% low fat white milk. The Subway Fresh Fit adult meal consists of a choice of a 6" sub sandwich with 6 grams of fat or less, Diet Coke, water or 1% low fat white milk, and a choice of apples, raisins or Baked! LAY'S potato chips. The Subway Fresh Fit For Kids meal, built to fit within the American Heart Association's approach, is comprised of a choice of a low-fat 4" sub, 1% low fat white milk or apple juice, plus a choice of apples or raisins. The meals, which are based on sensible serving sizes, are low in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, and are a good source of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium and iron.

"Our Subway Fresh Fit menu additions provide 'better for you' choices for our customers. Parents can feel good about what they are eating and what they are feeding their kids, while at the same time teaching their kids about better eating habits," said Tom Seddon, CEO of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT). "Subway restaurants have taken a leadership role in the fight against obesity in children and adults and are trying to change the way America eats."

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the United States. One in three obese children will develop diabetes or heart disease and children are most vulnerable before they are five years old. On any given day, only 45% of children eat fruit and up to 33% of young children eat virtually no vegetables at all.

Starting March 12, 2007, all Subway restaurants across the nation will feature signs with the new products. The "fit" items will be highlighted with an apple-shaped icon allowing customers to easily identify and order the "better-for-you" options. Subway restaurants will also unveil a new advertising campaign, which will speak to the nation about today's rising obesity concerns and the Subway Fresh Fit  menu as a delicious alternative to typical high fat, high calorie fast food fare.

Additionally, Subway restaurants will be launching a new initiative April 2007 in over 40,000 schools through a partnership with Weekly Reader Corporation. The program encourages teachers, parents, coaches and mentors to commit to help in the fight against childhood obesity by stressing the importance of proper nutrition and exercise. In addition, Subway restaurants' is offering a new program entitled 'Random Acts of Fitness for Kids' this spring, intended to equip educators and guardians with the tools and information they need to encourage and reward America's youth for embracing a fit and active lifestyle. At no cost, educators can enroll their classes to receive 'Random Acts of Fitness for Kids' kit, which includes certificates of achievement, motivational posters, meal reward certificates, a page-a-day calendar and an online component called "Classroom Connection" -- which has a pen pal twist.

Subway restaurants began developing new menu options last year when the restaurant chain was honored by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for its long-standing commitment to providing consumers with fresh and nutritious quick service dining. Originally tested in California beginning in May 2006, the new menu options proved to be hugely successful and showed an unprecedented demand for on-the-go, 'better for you', food options.

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