Sweet Beginnings Launches New Website


Dec 10, 2006

Sweet Beginnings, North America’s largest franchised Wedding Consulting and Event Planning firm, is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service. They provide professional and knowledgeable consultants to design packages for each client, working with their budget, individual styles and needs.Sweet Beginnings recently launched their new website http://www.asweetbeginning.com on December 1, 2006. The improved design makes it even easier for customers to access the services of Sweet Beginnings, from wedding coordination to corporate and special event planning to decorating and chair cover rentals – all in real time. “It covers everything!” says President and founder Elana Lancit. “Our new website makes it even easier to plan your event with us. Just sit back and let Sweet Beginnings organize, direct and execute your event from start to finish.” The most exciting part of the launch is the new “VOWS” (Virtual Online Wedding Site) software, exclusive to Sweet Beginnings. It allows couples to design their own wedding webpage – and access it through the Sweet Beginnings site. This interactive program is the first of its kind anywhere, and highly innovative. Couples can post and receive important details for their big day, from directions to the church to suggesting tourist destinations for guests to visit while they’re here. Couples can even upload photos of the event and allow guests to RSVP electronically, including sending reminder links about the big day. Elana is excited to introduce brides to the new, personalized software. “Our customized wedding services already take the stress away from planning an event,” she says. “But this new software takes it one step further. Couples can use our program to take care of every imaginable detail, down to what their favourite wedding songs are, or where they want their friends to stay!” The new software is available though the website, http://www.asweetbeginning.com, starting on January 15, 2007 Sweet Beginnings™ is North America’s leader for Wedding Consulting and Event Planning. They have coordinated thousands of events, ranging from small intimate gatherings to large black-tie galas. Sweet Beginnings combines competitive pricing with personalized consultation services for all your event needs. They also offer unique decorating and rental services. Sweet Beginnings operates seventeen franchises in Canada and the United States (http://www.asweetbeginning.com). For corporate and franchise information, please contact Rob Lancit: Phone: 1-866-730-5553Email: mailto:rob@asweetbeginning.com