The Lunch Lady – The Importance of Giving Back


Jul 21, 2014

Ruthie Burd, the Owner and Founder of The Lunch Lady has remained faithful to the guiding words of her father, "money works best when everybody has some." Ruthie decided to share her business idea with other people and started franchising the Lunch Lady concept. Today there are nearly 1,500 schools served by the Lunch Ladythrough a growing network of community based kitchens across four Canadian provinces.

The benefits of using the Lunch Lady go well beyond the fact that kids are having a great lunch. The Lunch Lady offers a lucrative fundraising program that makes meaningful contributions to schools benefiting the entire school community by sharing a portion of lunch sales with the schools that are served. For the 2013 -2014 school year The Lunch Lady gave back nearly $530,000!

The Lunch Lady is devoted to creating programs that help raise money both in and out of the lunchroom. The Lunch Lady is also a proud supporter of Breakfast for Learning. Breakfast for Learning is a non-profit organization that supports and sustains school nutrition programs to enhance learning and the healthy development of children and youth. The Lunch Lady works together with this organization to supply funds and nutrition education to Canadian children in need. Each time a parent orders one of the specialized FUN MEALS, a 10 cent donation is collected and then forwarded to carefully selected schools in Canadian communities. Parents also have the option to donate to this organization whenever they order a lunch. The Lunch Lady contribution to Breakfast for Learning this past school year was in excess of $55,000.

The Lunch Lady is a part of every community that it serves and truly understands the value of giving back.