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Feb 11, 2008

February 11, 2008 - With over 78,000 franchises across Canada and Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) membership growing at a rate of 10% per year, franchising directly employs over 1 million people. Franchising has a significant impact on the Canadian economy and the lives of Canadians, and every year thousands of Canadians are improving their lives by becoming franchisees.

“Purchasing a franchise is a major investment decision and researching your opportunities is a critical part of the decision-making process,” says CFA President and Chief Executive Officer Lorraine McLachlan. “Prospective franchisees should be sure to speak with franchisors and franchisees as part of their investigation process.”

Some starting questions to ask are:

· What makes a franchise system successful?

· How much money will I make?

· How do I know which franchise opportunity is right for me?

· How does the franchisor choose franchisees? How are qualifications reviewed?

· Does the franchisor choose the location or does the franchisee?

The Franchise Show is a unique way for prospective franchisees to directly obtain information from franchisors. With well over 100 booths of Canada’s best-known brands, this franchise-only tradeshow provides a venue for attendees to get their questions answered as well as obtain invaluable, up-to-date information about the many franchise opportunities available. The Franchise Show is an opportunity not to be missed by those seriously considering franchising.

The Franchise Show

Dates: February 23 and 24, 2008

Time: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Road in Toronto, Ontario.


About the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA)

With more than 430 corporate members nation-wide, representing many of Canada’s best-known brands, the Canadian Franchise Association is the National Voice for Canadian Franchising and works with all levels of government to ensure the development of industry-made solutions. CFA promotes ethical franchising and educates Canadians about franchising, specific franchise opportunities and proper due diligence.