Titan Motorcycle hosting the 2012 International “Kickstart” Conference


Dec 05, 2011

Titan Motorcycle Co ® (established in 1994) has emerged as the world’s largest and fastest growing custom motorcycle manufacturer (OEM – Tier 2). This upcoming week they are proud to announce that not only are they introducing their new 2012 line of motorcycles but are also hosting their annual Kickstart dealer & distributor conference at their facility in Phoenix.

There are over 30 of the world’s largest dealerships and distributors attending, all of which are a big part of why this brand is set to sky rocket back into the spot light of the motorcycle industry. Dealers and Distributors alike are very eager to see the brand grow again under its new foundational philosophy of Inventory on Demand. Being able to build as many units as needed but never straddling itself with un-needed stock (which was the downfall of many similar companies in the past) is exactly what the industry has needed for years. This places dealers and distributors in a strategic position. Dealers can now order new models based on market responses and work directly with the manufacturer with promoting new sales, & developing new after sales & service programs.

The company has also been able to re-vamp its build structure and streamline everything so that the per unit cost has been greatly reduced and can pass those savings on to dealers and distributors who are seeing higher margins with a reduced MSRP (upwards of 30%). All components are still built in North America and final assembly is done at the companies plant in Phoenix.

These strong business fundamentals as well as the amazing new 2012 model line up, the reduced MSRP, strong corporate infrastructure and common sense approach to manufacturing has left Titan Motorcycle Co ® and its dealers & distributors with a clear path of competition at the large tier 1 motorcycle manufacturers who have dominated the market place for the last two decades.

The management is very excited and overwhelmed from the response so far in 2011 for new territory rights for dealerships and distributorships abroad but has made clear several strategic territories in the US, as well as a few in Canada are still available to the right applicants. The company expects to be at market peak numbers by mid to late 2012 (dealer and distributor wise) and has advised most of their client base to solidify as many dealer/distributor licenses and unit built purchase orders in the month of December 2011 as possible, to be held in priority sequence at the start of 2012. Attendees of the upcoming conference will be the first to see the new line up and the first dealers & distributors to be authorized to commit to purchase orders for the 2012 line up.