Your Top 10 Questions About Vera’s Burger Shack Answered


Jun 03, 2013

Vera’s Burger Shack owner Gerald Tritt recently grabbed a burger with BeTheBoss founder Rob Lancit over the weekend to answer your top 10 questions about the franchise.

Does Vera's Burger Shack provide financing to Franchisees?

Vera's Burger Shack® does not provide financing. Traditional franchise methods of acquiring financing are recommended. Government supported small business/franchise loans may be available to qualified applicants. $60,000-$130,000 unencumbered cash per location is required. We will however arrange a meeting with our bank if you choose to finance out your operation.

Veras Burger Shack Franchise

Who selects the store location?

The Franchisee selects the location. Vera's Burger Shack provides site selection criteria to assist with the search. We recommend utilizing a commercial real estate broker to help with site selection. Vera's Burger Shack must grant final site approval.

Is prior food service experience necessary?

Although not essential, related food service experience is extremely helpful.

Who signs the lease?

The Franchisee signs the lease(s) for their store(s). The Franchisee will then enter into a sub-lease agreement with the Franchisor. It is strongly recommended that outside legal advice in obtained prior to signing any lease or franchise agreement.

Who is responsible for store build-out and development?

Vera's Burger Shack co-ordinates the building program from store design and construction through leasehold completion and equipment placement.

What is the return on investment and profitability of a Vera's Burger Shack Franchise?

The profitability and return on investment for a Vera's Burger Shack Franchise is dependent on many factors. These include the quality of the location, competition, sales volume, fixed costs, cost of financing and the Franchisees ability to run a successful operation.

Is a Franchisee required to be personally involved in the day to day operation of a store?

It is preferred that the Franchisee be "Hands On" in all facets of the business. However, an appropriately trained, operationally approved manager may assume the in-store responsibilities of a Franchisee.

What Training does a new Franchisee require?

Every new Franchisee, (or their designated representative) will be required to successfully complete an initial 3week training program at a Vera's Location. The balance of the training program, (up to 6 weeks) will be tailored to suit the needs and abilities of each candidate.

Can a Franchisee own more than one Vera's Burger Shack?

Yes, provided that the Franchisee has demonstrated to the satisfaction of Vera's Burger Shack that they are financially capable and can properly manage more than one store.v

Can a Vera's Burger Shack franchisee sell their franchise?

Yes, subject to approval of the sale and the incoming Franchisee by Vera's Burger Shack. A transfer fee is charged.