Topper’s Pizza – Capitalizing on Opportunity in Canada’s Capital City


Apr 25, 2014

In Canada’s capital city, partisan politics make “agreeing to disagree” the norm. But the people of Ottawa are united on one front: Topper’s Pizza is the first and only choice for pizza lovers.

Topper’s Pizza has three pizzerias in Ottawa, and two recently had record-breaking sales weeks. Now the company is looking for multi-unit franchise partners to purchase the Ottawa pizzerias and expand in the marketplace.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for a new franchise partner to take the reins of three successful pizzerias,” said Keith Toppazzini, President of Topper’s Franchise Company. “Rather than starting a business from scratch, this is a turnkey franchise option with an existing revenue stream.”

Ottawa is a key market for Topper’s Pizza.The city’s population is growing, along with customers’ cravings for Topper’s Pizza’s Authentic ItalianBread™ Crust and fresh toppings.

Topper’s Pizza’s franchise partners use the secret Toppazzini family recipe to make the most delicious pizza dough in-store every day, in every pizzeria. It is truly a unique pizza brand.

“Demand for Topper’s Pizza in the Ottawa market will continue to grow,” said Topper’s Pizza Chairman and CEO Kelly Toppazzini. “This will lead to increased business at our existing pizzerias, and we expect that the brand will need to add new locations in the near future.”

By 2015, Topper’s Pizza expects to add two new pizzerias in the Ottawa market. Along with the traditional delivery/takeout model, Topper’s Pizza now has a dine-in, fast-casual pizzeria concept.

“Topper’s Pizza is hounored to have the most passionate, loyal customers,” added Keith Toppazzini. “We cannot wait to welcome more new Ottawa franchise partners into the Topper’s family.”