Topper’s Pizza – “Making Dough” is easy with the Toppazzini recipe!


Feb 20, 2014

Topper’s Pizza provides unparalleled support in Marketing, Training and Operations and offers a variety of business tools to aid Franchise Partners in the development of the local business outreach. Perhaps the most amazing tool franchisees acquire is the recipe for Authentic ItalianBread Crust™. The current leaders, Keith Toppazzini, President of Topper's Franchise Company and Kelly Toppazzini, Chairman and CEO, are the sons of founder Ron Toppazzini, and the fourth generation keepers of the signature recipe. The 100 year old secret family recipe is freshly hand crafted in Topper’s Pizza stores all over Ontario every day.

Franchise Partners Marlene Tremblay and Denis Paquette of Topper’s Pizza Timmins, Ontario are successful entrepreneurs who have been “making dough” using the Toppazzini family recipe since 1999. Today, Marlene and Denis are celebrating 15 years in business with a benchmark Topper’s Pizza franchise and they continually achieve record-breaking sales results!

In August 2011, Topper’s Pizza Timmins franchise partners Marlene and Denis Paquette were winners of the coveted Topper’s Pizza “Franchise Partner of the Year Award”. They were recognized as a truly inspirational part of the Topper’s Pizza franchise family with their commitment to building the brand and promoting the product, and through their ability to offer exemplary customer service to each and every customer they serve. To prove that point, Marlene and Denis went on to win the Topper’s Pizza “Customer Retention Award” in 2013. Congratulations!

Together with the Topper’s support staff, the Franchise Partners at Topper’s Pizza Timmins have built and grown successful relationships with their customer base and every year they set yet another sales record.

It doesn’t stop there – they have set their sights even higher with their 2014 goals and we are certain that they will continue to succeed and hit yet another all-time sales record! A key player in the pizzeria’s success has been the long-time Manager, Gerry Cayen, who has been with working closely with the Timmins’ Franchise Partners, Marlene and Denis, since 2001. Gerry manages the staff and daily dough production, amongst a large number of other duties that he executes extremely well.

Featured on Food Network Canada

In addition, the manager of Topper’s Pizza Timmins, Gerry Cayen, was selected to be one of four managers to appear on behalf of Topper’s Pizza on Food Network Canada’s new reality TV Show, “Giving You The Business”! This was great exposure for Gerry, Topper’s Pizza Timmins, and Topper’s Pizza as a whole! Visit for more details.

100 year old Secret Family recipe for Hand-Made Authentic Dough.

Topper's Pizza franchise

If you’re wondering what keeps the customers coming back to Topper’s Pizza Timmins besides the superior customer service that Marlene and Denis uphold daily, then look no further than the dough which is made fresh, in-store EVERY day with the Toppazzini family’s secret family recipe for ItalianBread™ Crust. It’s all about following strict recipe guidelines such as water chilled to an exact degree and the use of 100% pure Extra Virgin olive oil. Then, only the freshest ingredients are used including savory sauce crafted from hand-picked, farm-fresh and vine ripened tomatoes which are infused with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The rich, flavorful mozzarella cheese comes from specially selected, local dairy farms. Each vegetable topping served is of the highest quality and also grown on local farms in surrounding communities. From the pepperoni to the Italian sausage, only the finest quality meats make the cut.

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